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Lucky 7 Trace Mineral Attractant

No Mineral Attractant Brings In More Deer!

Lucky 7 Trace Mineral Attractant Deer Minerals Site

Awesome For Use With Trail Cameras


Lucky 7 Trace Mineral Attractant - Deer crave minerals in their diet. You can put out various products and deer may use them to some degree... but only if they can find them. Lucky 7 TMA is formulated to have a unique aroma and flavor that is irresistible to deer and to have the chemistry to disperse its scent into the air over long distances. Deer will find it FAST and use it every day and more. It provides them with the salt lick and healthful minerals they are looking for, improved by flavors they will be unable to resist. The protein is an added bonus for your herd's health. Hunters that want to see more deer on their properties, literally pulling them from neighboring land, trust in Lucky 7 TMA over competing brands. 5lb bag creates a deer mineral site that lasts for months. See our Youtube page for its many versatile uses and instructional videos.




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September 2016

9/18 - Lucky 7 - Love Potion #7 is NOW AVAILABLE in our store FRESH for the season.

9/8 - Lucky 7 - Synthescent Doe in Heat PLUS is NOW AVAILABLE in our store.

January 2016

1/19 - Lucky 7 - Synthescent Doe in Heat PLUS tested very well! Great Deer Estrus scent that lasts for years without refrigeration or special handling. Legal even where real urine is banned!If you want to sell this great product on your site or in your store, email us on our Contact page.

December 2015

12/1 - What a GREAT season!! Many of our customers got really great bucks in our recent deer seasons, both with gun and bow. Our fishing seasons saw some monster catches and very happy customers using our attractants. We look forward to 2016!

September 2015

9/19 - Lucky 7 - Love Potion #7 is available for the season!!

January 2015

1/31 - Lucky 7 Fish Attractant Sticks - Gamefish Massacre are available now! So is the best deer attractant available, Lucky 7 Whitetail Miracle. Check out the Product pages and our store.

October 2014

10/25 - Lucky 7 Love Potion #7 is available for the season! Also, Lucky 7 Gamefish Attractant "Baitfish Massacre" will be released very soon.

10/22 Relaunch of It is now taking recipe submissions from users.

July 2014

7/15 - Lucky 7 Catfish Attractant "Stinky Cheese" now available.


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